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In early 2014 the College Board announced major changes would be made to the form and content of the SAT.

These changes will not be implemented until spring of 2016, so they may not affect you. SAT DOMINATOR and this website are based around the current version of the test, applicable through fall of 2015.

The last such major change to the SAT was in 2010, so DO NOT USE any preparation materials from 2009 or earlier, including older versions of SAT DOMINATOR, or you could waste time studying things that will not be on the test!


The SAT and the PSAT contain the following types of questions.

Math, testing you on the basics. These are mostly multiple choice questions, but there are also some "bubble-in's" that allow a range of answers.

Sentence Completions, which require you to "fill-in-the-blanks".

Critical Reading, brief excerpts of reading material accompanied by a few multiple choice questions. Together, Sentence Completions and Critical Reading will make up your Critical Reading score.

Grammar - three types of multiple-choice questions that attempt to measure your mastery of things like tense and diction.

Essay - a handwritten response to a random question, but DOMINATOR will show you how to easily prepare for any challenge and be confident of a top score. Together, the Grammar section and the Essay make up your Writing score on the SAT. The PSAT does not include the Essay, just the Grammar multiple choice questions.

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