for the SAT Subject Tests




Most competitive colleges and universities require three SAT Subject Test scores (formerly known as the SAT-II's). In recent years, the admissions policies at many leading universities have been changed to increase the importance of the Subject tests.

Your suitability as an admission candidate to these top colleges will be greatly determined by your performance on three, one-hour tests.


Which tests to take

Most colleges and universities require SAT Subject Test scores for Math, and a two other Subjects of your choice.



The Math Test is supposed to reflect your performance on an assortment of material from high school math classes. Level I includes material from Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and very limited Trigonometry. Level II is more advanced and includes some subjects found in Math Analysis or Pre-Calculus.

Most students should take the Math Level I exam unless Level II is required by a particular institution or major you wish to pursue. Level II is substantially tougher, but tends to have a generous curve, meaning you can leave several problems blank and still get a reasonable score.

As with the SAT, you will need to clearly remember the basics of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry, covered in SAT DOMINATOR.
In addition, DOMINATOR strategies for the SAT Math section, including order of difficulty, trap answers, and shortcuts like substitution and translation, work great on the Math Subject tests (see SAT Dominator Chapter One, available for free here).


Other Subjects

The other subjects may be selected from the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), languages (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Latin, and Hebrew), History (American and World), and English Literature.

The subject choice does not matter unless specified by the college. Take whichever Subjects you find easiest!

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Score Choice

If the schools you are interested in do not require specific Subject tests (most schools only require Math and two "others"), a good strategy is to take several of the tests and see which you perform the best on. You can get practice exams from the latest College Board official publication, available at

The College Board offers a service called "Score Choice" that lets a student take many Subject tests, or take them repeatedly, and then allows the student to choose which scores get reported to the colleges. This can be used to your advantage, to present the best possible picture to the colleges.

Simply put, take the relevant subject tests at the same time as when you take the final exams in school!

For example, when you are studying for your Biology and Latin finals, take those exams. When you are studying for your Physics and World History finals, take those subject tests. Then when it is time to send the scores to the colleges, choose the best ones. You can also take the Math test repeatedly, and send your best score overall.

This little trick will put you head and shoulders above the majority of testers, who wait until fall of their senior year to take these tests and have forgotten most of the subject by the time they take it!


If you unfortunately found this information too late, don't despair - DOMINATOR has a strategy for you.

Take Math using the tricks and tips from the math chapters of SAT DOMINATOR. Consider taking the Literature test, using the techniques from the Critical Reading chapter of SAT DOMINATOR. Take the science or history subject that most closely resembles the last course you completed before summer break (or the course you will soon complete, if you're a junior).

If you are a native speaker of any of the languages offered, even if you're not that good, take that language test - they are basically like Critical Reading in that language, so you can use DOMINATOR techniques to maximize your score. If you are NOT a native speaker, you can still take the language tests, but be aware that native speakers greatly influence the grading curve on those tests.


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